The college has a modern general library with a robust collection of over 12000 volumes of books in 1300 titles on different disciplines covering all major fields of Science, Humanities, and Management. Besides the general library, each department has its own library, containing the major portion of the collection. The Library subscribes to about 20 periodicals which include national & international journals, and national magazines subscribed by various departments. Many English and Tamil daily newspapers and magazines are also subscribed.

Open access system is observed in the library. The Library functions such as acquisition, circulation control, and cataloguing and serials control have been automated using integrated software.

A modern digital library network with high speed internet access is also housed in the premises. Reprographic facilities with printer & CD writer are provided for. Separate Sections for Reference Material, Book Bank, Periodicals, and Project Reports are provided for easy access.

Rules & Regulations
♦All the students of the College are members of the library.

♦Books will be issued only on presentation of the Library Card bearing the name, class, roll number and signature of the student.

♦Students are entitled subject to the rules herein mentioned, to keep a book for a fortnight from the date of issue. If the Book is not returned on or before the due date, a fine of Rs.1 per day including holidays will be levied. The student will not be allowed to use the library till fine is paid and the book returned. Books due on holidays may be returned without fine on the working day immediately following Volumes borrowed for the vacation should be returned within three working days after the reopening of the college. Otherwise the usual fine will collected.

♦No one is allowed to sub-lend the books taken out by him.

♦Students must, on receiving a book, examine and report to the Librarian any damage found therein. Otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage that may afterwards be detected.

♦A book returned to the Library should contain a return slip showing the roll number of the student returning and the catalogue number of the books.

♦Absence from the college will not ordinarily be admitted as an excuse for delay in the return of the books.

♦All payments including fine towards the library shall be paid at the college office and the receipt shown to the librarian.

♦The Librarian may recall any book at any time.

♦Strict silence should be observed in the reading room.

♦Students may, without previous notice, call for books which are marked “Reference” or a periodical for consultation which will not be lent out.

♦All Foreign and Indian Magazines and Newspapers will be displayed for perusal in the reading room.