B.Sc., (Mathematics)

Department of Mathematics


The  Department of Mathematics was established in 2015 onwards. Mathematics is a fundamental study of science. The major scope of our department is to develop research in different areas of Algebra,Graph Theory, Mechanics, Complex Analysis, etc.. Students gaining knowledge about  Analysis.They  also gain multitasking education in the field of Mathematical Science.


♦ To promote Mathematical thought as an important area of human thought.

♦ To produce a commendable results.

♦ To improve the logical thinking of students.


♦ To encourage the students to do the projects and develop their analytical  thinking. To conduct programmes through invited talks or workshops.

♦ To establish industry links to develop Mathematical models.

We have conducted the following events,

♦ Mathematics Association of Stupendous Set –MASS 2016 held on 29.12.2016 by Thiru.N.Madheshwaran M.Sc., M.ed., M.Phil., M.AEco., M.A Soc., M.A Eng., PGDCA., Dip. in Saiva Sinthantham., BT Assistant, Municipal Middle School, Tiruchengode.

♦ A special lecture program on the topic of “Introduction to Operation Research”held on 22.9.2017 by Mr.R.V.M.Rangarajan, Professor in Mathematics, KSR Engineering College, Tiruchengode.

♦ Every year we are celebrating The Great Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam Birthday on December 22. So we conduct the various programs such as Riddles, Maths Quiz, Maths modelling, Puzzles solving. Students are eagerly participated and won the prizes.

♦ Field trip organized for our department students on 13.8.2019. We have visited various places in Rameshwaram. It was a good experience to us.

♦ Students were participated  Mathematics Symposium on 24.09.2019 in Paavai Arts and science college for women. They got Second prize for over all Championship in this Symposium.

♦ Conducted Quiz competition (Aptitude, reasoning,Number puzzles, Maths sketching,GK, Miming words, Riddles) held on 30.09.2019 inside the campus. Various department students are participated and won prizes.